April 10, 2011

China Glaze Pelican Grey

Pelican Grey is one of the shades I absolutely wanted to try from the Anchors away China Glaze collection. I must say that it's exactly what I expected to be: a pale blue grey with shimmer, a perfect spring colour. I also bought Sea spray which is rather a pastel blue and I'll swatch it in the very next days.

Pelican Grey est une des teintes que je voulais vraiment essayer parmi celles de la collection Anchors away de China Glaze. Je dois dire que c'est exactement la couleur que j'attendais: un gris bleu pâle avec un chatoiement discret. J'ai aussi acheté Sea spray qui est plutôt un bleu pastel ou layette, je le swatcherai très bientôt.


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  2. I've been trying to find something similar since it's hard to find china glaze where I live. Great shade!

  3. I love this shade - never tried anything quite like it - looks kind of like a blue grey from the picture.

    Although I prefer OPI polishes [don't ask why], I also have used China Glaze in the past, so I may go try a bottle of this [once I get past my crackle polish craze...or maybe I could use this under as the base coat...]

    Cool blog BTW - good articles...



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