November 23, 2010

Essie pinks

I bought so many Essie pinks last summer that I thought it could be fun to compare them with a gradient mani.

J'ai acheté tellement de roses Essie cet été que j'ai pensé que ce serait rigolo de les comparer en faisant une manucure dégradée.

From left to right: Chuby cheeks, E-nuff is e-nuff, Cute as button, Haute as hello, Van D'Go

I love all of them, but if I had to choose a favorite I would pick E-nuff is e-nuff, and I really love cute as button too. And you?
Je les aime tous, mais si je ne devais en choisir qu'un, je prendrais E-nuff is e-nuff, et j'aime aussi beaucoup cute as button. Et vous?


  1. I've got the same and i am loving it right now. Nice! I like your work. Have a look at my work also. Maybe you like it too;) Happy Weekend!

  2. It is actually hard to pick a favourite. They are all awesome!


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